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Villa Letizia – Casa per ferie is manage by the Sisters Catechist of Sant'Anna, who for over 47 years offered hospitality to the historic center of Rome, at the Casa Santa Sofia, for groups or individual pilgrims, religious tourists, families, students who came to Rome to pray, study and / or discover the the Eternal City.
The hospitality of the sisters was greatly appreciated by the guests who stayed with us and expressed their opinion in their comments and rating.
Unfortunately, nuns were asked to leave Casa Santa Sofia, ..., and moved to Villa Letizia where they reopened doors of hospitality continuing their work.
Villa Letizia - Casa per ferie is an instrument for the mission of the apostolate of Sisters Catechist of Sant'Anna, for the promotion of religious, social-cultural tourism, for social integration, assistance, hospitality and hospitality of the person according to the Magisterium and the doctrine of the Church.
At the disposal of the guests for prayer there is a chapel of Sant'Anna which is within the Villa Letizia and is accessible to each guest for private or group prayer.

Villa Letizia - casa per ferie
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Roma 00165 ITALIA
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Villa Letizia - Casa per ferie, gestita dalle Suore Catechiste di Sant’Anna.
Villa Letizia non è una struttura ricettiva di tipo alberghiero e non è aperta al pubblico indiscriminato, essendo una struttura dedicata all’ospitalità a carattere sociale e religioso rivolta all’accoglienza di pellegrini, famiglie, appartenenti a comunità religiose e gruppi associativi, come indicato nel Regolamento interno.

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