Rooms - general information

Villa Letizia can accommodate up to 119 quests in single, twin and triple (three single beds) rooms. Some rooms are for family (of 4 persons) staying in two communicating twin rooms.

All rooms of Villa Letizia are with private bathroom in the room or private bathroom outside the room (only 2). Most rooms have a shower and some have a bathtub. In some bathrooms there is also a bidet.

Rooms with bathroom and / or bidet are a limited number and are subject to availability on arrival if they have not been requested in advance and confirmed by Villa Letizia.

Rooms of Villa Letizia overlook the 4 sides of the buildings. Villa Letizia is located in a quiet area of ​​Rome.

Rooms are located in two buildings (A and B).

In the building "A" on the first, second, third and fourth floors.
In the building "B" on the ground, second, third and fourth floors.

In each building there is an elevator that reaches every floor. In any time you can reach every floor with a traditional scale.

Each building also has an emergency staircase, outdoors, for use, only, in case of emergency.

Buildings communicate with each other via a corridor.

Villa Letizia has two rooms for the disabled: one single and one triple with adapted bathroom, and occupation of which could be different.

All rooms are simply furnished but with everything necessary.

Booking your stay with Villa Letizia each guest will find a clean room with: a bed for each guest with clean linen and clean towels. A wardrobe, a chair and a desk in a room. A clean private bathroom, with shampoo and soap.

Each room has a phone with an internal number to make internal calls by typing a room number.

Majority of the rooms are with a balcony.

Room cleaning: 1) a complete cleaning is carried out every three days with change of sheets and towels or change of occupancy of the room. In case of need and upon request it is possible to change towels at the reception. 2) light cleaning is carried out every working day. Respecting the right to rest, cleaning is not carried out on public holidays according to the ecclesiastical calendar and the Italian state hollidays.

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